New Favorite Quote

I have a new favorite quote. Here’s it’s source:
Here’s the quote:

“The deeper meaning is what my grandmother told me, “What’s important is that you have a Jewish heart.” You don’t have go to temple and you don’t even have to be Jewish to have one. Its four chambers are: humor compassion acceptance and action.”

I try to live like that, with a Jewish heart. The point of the quote is that anyone can have the “four chambers” of a Jewish heart.  So, you can skip the speed-praying that some men do in synagogue, or the gossip that some stereotype of the Jewish woman does in Shul, the hurrying to get the makings of a Sabbath dinner before sundown on Friday, and think about the social action and gut reactions of a person who has a great sense of humor, compassion, acceptance of others, and action–be it social or career.  It’s why I’m a writer, or storyteller. It’s why I work and spend extra time to get other folks to tell their stories and create podcasts which I share with others. It’s my politics and my hibernation from politics from time-to-time.  It’s my respect for my dogs and pets as not things I own, but furry persons with whom I live with.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s why I try to create friendships, even very temporary ones, where ever I go-like here, on this blog post.

Maybe there are a lot more souls out there with Jewish hearts than I realize.





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