‘Gone Girl’: Rosamund Pike on the Role of a Lifetime

Saw this movie—and this actress is Awesome….ahem, Amy.


Who Shot CNN?

This is interesting commentary. I must confess that I’ve cut down how much time I spend watching CNN. I cannot stand the lack of news, and the over-emphasis of “events.” The reliance on “citizen journalists” has always bothered me. I think it was exciting to think about starting a virtual community of news enthusiasts, but the iReports need editors, and they always have, professional editors who know what ethical standards are, let alone, adhere to them. It’s not rocket science. Honestly. but, it does mean you take the time to learn about ethics. Well, here’s a start: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

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Is this like the Dallas season-ending cliff-hanger where millions wondered Who Shot J R, only to discover that it was all a dream? Will we awaken from this nightmare to discover that CNN is still a responsible, go-to news source?

Look at this fromTV Newser (a television trade pub.):

CNN Removes iReport Saying Missouri Patrol Captain is Gang Member

A CNN iReport that mistook a fraternity hand sign Missouri Patrol Captain Ron Johnson made for him being a gang member has been taken down. The Washington Post reports the iReport suggested Johnson was making hand signals members of the group the Bloods use (shown below). Captain Ron Johnson throws up “gang signs?” Really @CNN? You’re just gonna leave that up?http://t.co/DSLFprbHv1 pic.twitter.com/jAUN8qIIgH – DJ Digital (@callmeDjDigital) August 19, 2014 The sign is actually the… read more>>

Two summers ago, when, in my judgment, the news channel was still salvageable, I opined in…

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The Summer of Wars

Map Where is Mali
From the Wall Street Journal
Map Where is Mali
From the Wall Street Journal

That’s how I’m going to remember 2014. Gaza; Ukraine, Mali; Algiers; Netherlands, Malaysia Airlines. Rockets; missiles; Iron Dome; diplomacy; presidents; ministers of finance, defense, and state. Journalists who aren’t used to covering death showing their humanity.

Here’s where I confess to my workmates and colleagues. I’ve not read any email this morning. I’ve been watching CNN’s coverage of Hamas-v-Israel and the Dutch victims of the Malaysian airline that was shot out of the sky by most likely Russia-provided missiles to pro-Russia Ukrainian rebels. I’ve been watching and listening to the talking heads explain what’s going on with our Secretary of State Kerry and how much work he’s trying to do in a day, in so many areas of conflict. Then, a feed from the Netherlands, and the crime lab where the remains of people are being taken so that their deaths can be investigated, and possibly, explained.

Cut-away to a feed that wasn’t supposed to be seen; Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reporting on the medical side of things, as a producer hands him a microphone. He was there, watching what viewers of the cable network saw just a few minutes of, a procession of 74 hearses entering the gates of the Netherlands’ government facility.   I glimpse the face of the usually confident, pleasant looking physician. His eyes are sad, practically blank, in shock. So many bodies, each in their own car, passing by him. He looked horrified. In the background the chatter of a show host or anchor, as she explains that yet another commercial airline jet has disappeared in a barren patch of turf in  Africa.

This summer is the Summer of Wars. We are mortified that a form of transportation that most of us have used, or will use, a U.S. made plane, shows that it is all too vulnerable to conflict, or, in the case of the latest disappearance, perhaps even weather (it’s too early to know for sure.) that we pay attention to areas on the map we cannot name-Mali. The look of one man, a look of horror, and what I imagine is a sick feeling in his gut drives home that no matter what I’m trying to do to earn a living, and take care of my home and family, it’s just dust in comparison to the wave of human emotions that are being triggered by war, and conflict.  Blood is being spilled and tears are pouring from mourners and those who are stunned by mans continued inhumanity to man.   What will happen when emotion turns to reaction? How many more wars will be justified by this summer, our summer of 2014? 

Our Visit to Atlanta

PatriotMade Audio

Patriot-Made Audiocast, aka, Patriot-Made Audio attended a portion of the America’s Mart for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market. We were on the prowl for stories and found a few businesses willing to talk to us about whatever they were peddling.

We found out that the manufacturers of goods for home, office, bars, restaurants, event planners, kitchens, and gift stores were very open about how they try to do business-when we were not recording our audio.  What was said off microphone was, for the most part, very positive.  But, that’s not what’s going to keep you reading and scratching your heads in thought. Here’s what will:

A) The best members of the American workforce are new immigrants.

B) White and black men are virtually unemployable in the manufacturing sectors.

C) American labor increases the price tag on products, sometimes, by 100%.

D) Customized items have to be made…

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Patriot-Made Audiocasts!

Patriot-Made Audiocasts!

For sale!

Please take a listen to an audio sample….my horn tooting about Patriot-Made Audiocasts.  My business partner and I are producing these reports about people, places, and things that are being built, invented, improved, and have inspired creativity in others.  

Tooting Your Own Horn

I have a friend who told me that she’s not used to selling herself.  You know, telling the world about her accomplishments, dreams, cool things that she’s done and is doing.  Some people are born to sell themselves, while others just have to get the hang of it.  I have gotten the hang of it.  My friends would respond by saying in true Bart Simpson-style, “Duh!”   Well, being confident about expressing an opinion is one thing. Talking up your talents and your accomplishments is another. 

Perhaps my bashful and shy friend, and I, were brought up to admire those who are modest about themselves.  You know, the girls who got the most handsome football player to take them to the prom; praise from the English teacher; made it on the Dean’s List.  They’re the ones that are happy-go-lucky.  Have the lovely house with the picket fence, the kids that are as talented as they are.  Perhaps they even get the promotions at work that we wish we had gotten.    Of course, this is all fantasy.  

A smile can hide so much.  There’s a reason why the shy demure person looks so happy with his or her lot in life.  They don’t let you see that “painting in the attic.”  I’m referring to the central plot of Oscar Wilde’s “The Portrait of Dorian Gray.”  A handsome man makes a deal with the devil in return for youth and vigor,  He stays forever virile and beautiful looking despite his sins, which are many. But, the portrait of himself, which is cursed to show his true self, is getting ugly and ghastly looking upstairs the old Victorian home, in the attic where nobody is allowed to go.  Perhaps a person gets conditioned to believe that humility can keep that portrait in the attic-one’s true self,  young and beautiful.   Whatever the reason, some people don’t like to boast, or toot their own horns. 

Well, it’s no secret that I don’t mind tooting my horn from time to time.  If I don’t, well, how else are you going to learn more about me and what I’m up to?  I’ve been working as a reporter again.  I hired myself to do the work that I like and now I’m peddling my stories. 

I’ve been talking to some of the coolest people in North America, that is, Americans and Canadians.  They are people who believe in their mission, values, and talent.  They believe in what they are doing, and how they’re doing it.  Some of it is for, “the greater good,” for others it’s for the promise of “fame,” and the hopes of making a living doing the stuff that they love to do.  Others want to preserve a way of life and make a contribution to the places where they live. 

So, they’re tooting their horns.  I am very fortunate that I’m the lady recording them. So glad I hired myself.