Gratitude to Friends; New Friends; Friends I Do Business With and Supporters in 2014

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My business partner Debra Grobman  and I are very thankful that Cherri Senders, the publisher of, is supporting our efforts to spread the word to buy made in USA whenever possible. Our business associate, USAF vet, Alice Fisher, has been a great consultant and resourceful communications pro to us.  Ms. Alice probably will kill me for not asking her to edit this blog entry, but what the heck. Somethings you just want to write without other eyes looking at it first.  We owe so much to her for fixing up and working on the Search Engine Optimization of Patriot-Made Audiocasts.

Sikh is “sick” but that’s good!

We’ve met so many incredible people over the past year.  It’s been truly fascinating. Vishavjit Singh,  o f by way of old dear college buddy of mine, (SUNY Buffalo State College) Howie Greene who is all grown up now and works as a real estate broker at Level Group, Inc Real Estate and Professor at Kingsborough Community College, in my beloved Brooklyn, NY.

My machtunim—heavy on the ch (hhh) sound like Juan and Julio (it’s a Yiddish word) aka-brothers-in-law have been very supportive of my business ventures and the company that Debra and I formed called Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC. Continue reading Gratitude to Friends; New Friends; Friends I Do Business With and Supporters in 2014


CanadianMade Productions

CanadianMade Productions.

Sharing with you the changes and advances I’m making with my project called CanadianMade Audio reports.

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Happy Veteran’s Day

vets day centerpieceI’m not a Veteran. My husband was disabled way before he could be considered for the draft, and when the draft board did ask him to report, he dutifully did. And he was given the status that recognized, “Hey, this guy’s in a wheelchair! Don’t think we should draft him to fight.” But, I’ve known guys and yes, women, around my husband’s age, and those my age, and young enough to be our children, who have been in uniform, have served years overseas on a military post, or in battle.  My father spent a few months in Korea, and it was just a few years ago that he shared with his kids what he did and some of the people he met along the way.  He’s still involved in Veteran’s organizations.

My husband and I visit my mother-in-law in an assistive living place and she dines with a man who loves to regale us with stories of the Nazis that he killed.  We know another man who was a bombardier who destroyed cities and towns in Germany.  I recently talked to a man whose service consisted of being in an officers training program, and his service consisted of marching in drills, every weekend, when he wasn’t studying for his university exams in Canada.  He knows he was lucky.  He didn’t get shipped out to a land that wasn’t his own. Yet, that was  part of his duty, that and entertaining troops who came home on leave.

Not all veterans tell their stories. Some embellish them, others forget some details, or adopt the details of a buddy’s adventure.

Remembering stories is all well and good.  We must remember not to be too stingy with our tax dollar. Push the politicians to spend a little less on foreign aid to countries that don’t really like us, and on missiles that will most likely be decommissioned and destroyed before they even get fired into enemy turf.  Let’s help our country  keep promises that were made to recruits and volunteers that if they served they, and their families would be taken care of.

And, yes, has a very special message that we should remember.  Those who had few other options in life other than to be patriotic and volunteer for service in Iraq and Afghanistan need a lot more than our pity these days.   Those who bravely believed what government leaders were telling the world, and joined up, well–they were deceived. They were hurt, emotionally, physically, as well as slaughtered just for being American. Some have  sharply told me, “And, we were there to help them!”  Yes. Thank you for doing what I, in my heart, knew, was fighting a war in a nation that didn’t send hijackers to our nation, and for going after the guys who did, in an awful land where you were never respected.  Thank you for staying awake at night, and plugged in and monitoring the communications from, I hope, nefarious people who wish to wipe my country off the face of the earth. Thank you for ignoring silly comments made by citizens, who are frustrated with covert operations on each other.  Thank you for not taking those three-day holidays off.

Are you Feeling Lucky….Punk?

A friend, yesterday, asked if I heard that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was, “punked.”  What she meant was that a liberal blogger got on the phone with him, pretending to be a conservative fundraiser, recorded the conversation, and then posted it on YouTube.   By now you might have done what I did—listened to the recording, after reading about it on a newspaper’s blog, or the Huffington Post. prank call

My initial reaction to hearing the conversation is that the Governor didn’t repeat the fiery, rhetoric of the man he was conversing with.  The man who pretended to be the conservative used words like “bastards,” and loudly guffawed about the pro-union protesters and union organizers.  The Governor watched his words and demeanor.  He gets points for that.  So, what was the big deal?  The Governor was “guilty” of allegedly saying that his supporters thought about getting “impostors”  or “ringers” to mix with the crowds that have relentlessly staged their sit-ins in Madison.  Thinking about that strategy is one thing.  Deciding it wouldn’t work and not doing it, is another.   Another possible news nugget is that the impostor offered the governor a trip and hospitality.  What person wouldn’t want to accept the generosity of a supporter, as the Governor allegedly did? After all, the offer was made in a private conversation.   Details could be worked out later. Right?  What made this recording  all that news worthy?

Hours later I was reminded that everything you just read is besides the point.

I read on Facebook the postings of the Society of Professional Journalists.  I was reminded that posing as someone you’re not, and recording, without the other party’s knowledge, your conversation, isn’t ethical, let alone legal in some jurisdictions.  Now, you may ask, if the Governor and his cronies were thinking about crossing the line of ethics, by bringing “ringers” into the crowd, to show that the crowds weren’t necessarily united in their cause, why are you writing about the ethics of a blogger, crossing the line of propriety? Well, I’ve been a member of the Society of Professional Journalists for over 25 years.   I might have crossed over to the “dark-side” in the eyes of some journalists by earning a living by pitching the news to reporters, producers and editors, but I still have to keep in mind what is ethical and legal.

It’s not that I’m so righteous.  Amongst my friends and close associates I joke around and I use “saucy” language with the best of them.  I can be blunt and, perhaps, too quick to call somebody a name that resembles a body part.  But, when pitching news, I watch myself.  If I mislead or burn a reporter my career as a publicist, and a trusted source of news, is kaput.

In this age of “citizen journalism,” it’s so nice that SPJ, an organization that I’ve paid dues to, and whose events I’ve attended, is there to remind us that ethics still matter, no matter how entertaining it is to “punk” someone.   Bloggers are increasingly becoming trusted sources of news.  Will somebody tell them that their reputation is kaput should they cross ethical lines?

I think the Society of Professional Journalists just fired a warning shot.

Hello world!

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