Who Shot CNN?

This is interesting commentary. I must confess that I’ve cut down how much time I spend watching CNN. I cannot stand the lack of news, and the over-emphasis of “events.” The reliance on “citizen journalists” has always bothered me. I think it was exciting to think about starting a virtual community of news enthusiasts, but the iReports need editors, and they always have, professional editors who know what ethical standards are, let alone, adhere to them. It’s not rocket science. Honestly. but, it does mean you take the time to learn about ethics. Well, here’s a start: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

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Is this like the Dallas season-ending cliff-hanger where millions wondered Who Shot J R, only to discover that it was all a dream? Will we awaken from this nightmare to discover that CNN is still a responsible, go-to news source?

Look at this fromTV Newser (a television trade pub.):

CNN Removes iReport Saying Missouri Patrol Captain is Gang Member

A CNN iReport that mistook a fraternity hand sign Missouri Patrol Captain Ron Johnson made for him being a gang member has been taken down. The Washington Post reports the iReport suggested Johnson was making hand signals members of the group the Bloods use (shown below). Captain Ron Johnson throws up “gang signs?” Really @CNN? You’re just gonna leave that up?http://t.co/DSLFprbHv1 pic.twitter.com/jAUN8qIIgH – DJ Digital (@callmeDjDigital) August 19, 2014 The sign is actually the… read more>>

Two summers ago, when, in my judgment, the news channel was still salvageable, I opined in…

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