I’ve got that 9/11 feeling again.

I’m feeling that sick-in-the-stomach feeling after today’s explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line.
As of this time nobody has claimed responsibility, and I have not heard any credible sources about who is being blamed.

All that I know is that a quote from Mr. Rogers is being spread among my Facebook friends, about good people rushing to the source of bad scenes. The video on TV shows that. That’s good. It’s also, in a way, disturbing. People were running in the direction–the same direction–where the secondary explosion was set off. So, are there lessons to be learned, in hindsight? Certainly. Make sure of your own safety so you don’t become a victim. A dead or injured person has less of a chance of becoming a hero. But, somehow, I doubt that the nurses and first responders who rushed to where the wounded were, would do anything but rush in to help. Perhaps that should be the most comforting thing to me.

I suppose we live in a country where our guard should always be up. But, I don’t want to live that way. I’m under a lot of pressure from ordinary obligations and expectations. I don’t need to be a victim of terrorism–even from afar.

But, still, I’ve got that uneasy feeling. It’s like 9/11 again.


Is it ok not to blog?

Why, of course it is! Sometimes life gets in the way of writing for your own sake. By life I mean work, volunteer activities, taking care of family and working on taking care of yourself.

Sometimes you are better off letting others tell your stories for you. But, I thought I’d share a little bit today. A couple of projects are finally jelling together. I’ve had most of the ingredients: the idea, the plan of action, the creative spark and now, finally, the physical energy. The fiscal great recession hasn’t helped. And, quite frankly, the campaign and the elections of 2012 have been a huge energy suck. Besides sucking billions, if not millions of dollars away from those who would sponsor creative projects, and perhaps, community centric infrastructure projects, it sucked the great thing I think of when I think of being an American–that spirit stuff. I think I’m getting at least that spirit stuff back, on a personal level so that I can start being creative and even more productive than I’ve been.

I’ve got a great business partner in Los Angeles. She’s a real communications and media marketing pro. And, we’re going to be working on some projects together and hopefully, you’ll be able to hear more about them soon. I will be cryptic about them. I have to be. It’s unfortunate that the best ideas get stolen, or otherwise, taken from you. Once you, to use a self-help term, “put it out to the universe” suddenly, sh-zam! There are no secrets in the universe. Suddenly someone else is as brilliant as you!

Hopefully the whole country will be more in the mood to share positive spirits and can-do, and “we’ve got your back” attitudes again. And, yes, the final ingredient for my project will come my way—money. If only I could get things done without it. But, we all know that good intentions won’t pay my self-employment tax and social security. And, it won’t pay my doctors, health insurance bill, and for gasoline. No, it won’t buy me love. And love, dear readers, is what I hope to get from all of you. Ok..I’ll take “likes.”

Happy April 15th everybody! May the IRS be with you!

Thanks for reading.