Press Release-Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Know Squat about 12-Step Meetings.

Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Know Squat About 12 Step Meetings.

Denise McIntee Does.

Who: Executive Producer, Denise McIntee, of “Steppin’ Out: The 12 Step Meeting On-The-Air” America’s one and only reality radio show that features real people sharing their true stories of addiction and recovery.

Why: Actor Charlie Sheen- he’s like people we all have encountered: desperate, delusional and in denial.  He says 12 Step Meetings do not work.   McIntee, and the many thousands of listeners of her show on the American Armed Forces Radio Network, and over 30 affiliates across the country, and on the web at, know better.

“Sheen’s remarks are damaging.  We all know the power of celebrity spokespersons to sell products.  I beg your readers, listeners and viewers to not take Charlie’s word about these meetings as the last word.  Please consider interviewing me to lay out the rules of the meetings, and shed light about what goes on behind the scenes.” Denise.

More:   While taking psychology courses in grad school and while working as Operations Manager at WABC Talkradio in New York, McIntee attended 12 Step Meetings as part of her course work.   She became fascinated and noted that the meetings were often more compelling, engaging, uplifting and real than many of the stories currently heard on-the-air. Great talkradio is great storytelling, and 12 step meetings have the best storytellers in the world.  That is how the idea for “Steppin’ Out: The 12 Step Meeting On-The-Air” concept was born.  The show is in its 11th year of production.

Contact: Denise McIntee, denise{at}, (845) 359-3299, or publicist Rita Rich at info{at} (301) 404-9609.