Social Media–where the spin can be spun not so nicely.

I just answered a question on an online forum, called, one of my favorite professional social media forums. The questioner is preparing a presentation to her bosses about why she resists using social media to post “spin” or agency messages.
I provided the link to the following Twitter site, which is, highly critical, to put it politely, of the Washington DC area mass transit authority.
This is a site in the “twitter-sphere” that points out illogical decisions, or tried and maybe true, excuses for why bad service happens on MetroRail and Metro Bus service.
Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media to inform the public–just keep in mind that this is America. We, the people, are free to satirize and complain about whatever we want, whenever we want, G-D bless us. So, social media for messaging is not for weenies!