Just got off the phone with a guy I represent. He shared with me that he was envious that a talk show host just got funding from an organization that is considered a political action committee. I had to remind him that while money is tight and we all need cash infusions to keep our heads above water-that he, as a media company, doesn’t want that source of funding.
Still, desperate times make people do desperate things, in order to pay the bills.
But, a good consultant will tell you—-woe! and pull you back on the reigns.
Still–money is necessary to keep you law abiding. You need it to pay your taxes, pay your doctors, pay your health insurance bills, and pay back the loans you’ve taken from friends, family, and, in some cases, your house!
But, in the end you should still keep your eye on the ball.


Published by

Rita F Rich, Principal, Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC.

Rita Rich is a Washington DC area based communications expert, specializing in online and over-the-air radio and audio production and talent coaching as well as public affairs and corporate communications. She's a podcaster and coaches others to podcast. Rita is looking for opportunities to promote American-made products and services. She is often called upon to get the American Red Cross story on national radio airways and is a business partner Debra Grobman from Los Angeles and New York City. Collectively they create news and talk programs that spotlight the American workforce and Made in America and are highlighting brand Made-In-Canada. Rita and her business partner Debra Grobman are co-founders of Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC, which specializes in storytelling​ platforms such as podcasting.

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